Safety and Maintenance 101

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We often find that our customers are surprised when we talk about stroller maintenance. For busy parents it can be tough remembering to take care of their stroller, however it's good to remember that a stroller is not much different than the bicycle or car in your garage. The tire pressure needs to be checked regularly, the chain/motor and the wheel axles may need some lubrication from time to time. So we wanted to point out a few things that Bumbleride owners should be aware of.

Bumbleride Front Wheel Lock

General Maintenance: Planning for your stroller's long haul.

We recommend doing a quick inspection of your Bumbleride stroller before each use. Checking the tire pressure, attachment points, ensuring that the front wheel or quick release (previous models) is tightened and clamped and that there isn't anything the way of the brake lever. Remember that the front wheel(s) should be locked if you are traveling faster than a walking pace or tackling rough terrain (unless you own Speed). If your front wheel is having any trouble, contact our Customer Care at this form or 1 800 530 3930 8am-4pm PST. You can also try adjusting the fork nut tension as shown below and shown in this video.

How To Adjust Front Wheel Swivel Tension Video Link

Fabric Maintenance: Keeping the cushion clean and soft. 

We recommend spot cleaning any dirty areas using either a basic detergent or dish soap and water solution. To save time, water and energy we recommend spot washing when possible. All Bumbleride strollers have removable seat fabric that can be machine-washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Make sure to always air or line dry fabric components. The canopy fabric cannot be removed or machine washed on 2015 and older models, we recommend spot cleaning the canopy. Need help reattaching your seat fabric? Watch the video below.

Wheel Maintenance: Smooth rolling for years to come.

The most frequent questions related to the Indie, Indie Twin, Speed and Indie 4 maintenance have to do with the air filled tires. These wheels are essentially small bicycle tires, much like what you would find on a child's bike. However each tire needs to be properly inflated to 25-30 PSI before use. If the tires are not inflated properly there is a greater likelihood that an inner tube could puncture or become misaligned. We recommend checking and inflating your tires every 1-2 weeks, if not more frequently. If your inner tube does become flat, most bike shops stock 12" or 16" inner tubes and will be able to fix your existing tube. You can also find replacement inner tubes on our website here.


Lubrication: Greasing the wheels properly.

The wheels, axles and suspension all need regular cleaning and lubrication. Products we suggest include: CleanRide or Tri-Flow. We recommend adding drops near the hub and bearings of each wheel. You can also turn the stroller over and drop the lubricant into the back wheel axle where the suspension spring is housed. Doing this on a regular basis should prevent any squeaks around the wheels or suspension. Remember that regular maintenance will keep your Indie, Indie Twin, Speed and Indie 4 riding smoothly for years to come!


Safety: Wrist Strap & Infant Mode

Bumbleride Wrist Strap

Always use the included wrist strap on hilly terrain or when going above a walking speed. Be sure to always apply the parking brake when stopped.


How To Setup Bumbleride Infant Mode Video Link

When using your Bumbleride with infants, make sure to connect the footrest area fabric to create a bassinet style seat.